Privacy Policy

Our company takes your privacy seriously.

This “Private Policy” will help learn about the information we collect and how we use it.

  1. Introduction – Data processor

The webpage henceforth called “Webpage” or “we” belongs to the company “MARINOS KOUTSIS EE”. The company is located at Bohali, Zakynthos 29100. Telephone number: 2695025878


For marketing purposes, (promotion and rental of furnished houses) our webpage collects information about our visitors that may lead directly or indirectly to their identification. According to the law, some of this information is private. Visitors are described as “data subjects” while we are the “data processors”. If you have any questions regarding data processing or exercising your rights, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Basic Principles of Data Processing

We commit to using your data in a rightful and transparent way in accordance with the applicable legal framework.

In other words:

– We use your data only for certain, explicit, legal, initially stated purposes. We do not use your details further or in an inappropriate way (purpose limitation principle).

– We only process data suitable to our purposes (data minimization).

– We make every effort to ensure that your data is accurate, by giving you the option to correct/delete your information accordingly.

– We keep your information in a form that allows us to identify you, strictly for the period of time needed for our initially stated purposes (storage limitation principle).

– We make every effort to ensure that your personal data is safeguarded and protected from unauthorized or illegal processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage.

In order to protect your personal information, the Webpage takes certain technical and organizational measures, implements internal safety policies, trains its staff, which is bound with confidentiality, while the use of technology can guarantee safety of your data (e.g. SSL Certificate, certified hosting provider etc.)

Safety rules and measures are regularly revised in order to amend and optimize this Privacy Policy, when needed.

  1. Information We Use

Our Webpage only uses the data you provide by filling in a contact form, for instance.

However, this is not the case for certain data that is collected with the use of cookies (see here) and data that is automatically collected while visiting the site.

Α. Automatically Collected Data

As soon as you visit the Site, your IP address is automatically saved by our server, as part of the Internet operation. Other information like the date and time of your visit, the website that transferred you to our Site, the browser and the operating system you use, is also stored.

Processing this data (collecting and storing on special log files) is our legal right, according to the law, in order for us to ensure protection of the information and the services from any random incidents, illegal or malicious actions that endanger the availability, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of the stored or read-only data; for example tracking any DDoS (denial-of service) attacks as well as solve any technical problems that may occur.

B.Information You Provide

We process any personal data you provide when you contact us through the contact form, email or telephone.

Communication with the Clinic via email, contact form or telephone

Data we process


Legal Basis

Full name

Email address

Important note: When leaving a message for the company, please give the information related to your issue only and refrain from mentioning your personal details or that of a third party.

We process this data as part of the services we offer, so that we can contact you and answer to your request.

Sending an email or filling in a form does not add you to our patients’ list.

We process your personal information with your consent (GDPR Article 6, paragraph 1a). You have the right to recall it at any time and request your person information be deleted.

Important note: accuracy of the information submitted is the responsibility of the submitter. Learn how to correct personal data in the section referring to your rights.

  1. Information Use

The first people who have access to your personal information are the company staff. We process your data with great confidentiality and only to the degree and for the legal purposes that we mentioned above.

In order for the Website to function properly, some of your data is processed by affiliate businesses. These businesses process your data for the above mentioned purposes, on our behalf and only upon request, legal obligations excluded. During transfer, we take all technical and organizational measures necessary to protect your personal information. The above businesses are bound by contract with the Clinic to protect personal data, take all measures to ensure a fast and legal processing and guarantee your rights.

These businesses offer us services such as web hosting.

  1. Where and How Long for Your Data is Stored

Your personal data is stored in the Clinic’s information system, which is stored in a Canadian database in compliance with an EU competence decision. Proper organizational and technical means are used in order to avoid any data breach.

Personal data is stored strictly for the time required to serve a certain purpose.

For example, if you contact us through the contact form, email or telephone, your data will be stored for a time of three (3) months and will be permanently deleted after that, unless you proceed to use the services of our Clinic.

  1. Your Rights Regarding Personal Data and How to Exercise Them

Based on the relevant legal framework you have a series of rights regarding data processing by our Website.

More specifically, you have the right to:

  1. Request to be informed as to whether we process personal data, and if so, what that is (Right of Access)
  2. Request correction of personal data (Right to Rectification)
  3. Request, under certain circumstances, your personal data be deleted (Right to Erasure)
  4. Request, under certain circumstances, processing your personal data be restricted (Right to Restrict Processing)
  5. Object, under certain circumstances, to your personal data be processed by us (Right to Object), especially for marketing purposes (e.g. receiving newsletters)
  6. Request to receive the personal data you have provided, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, if this is technically feasible (Right to Data Portability).
  7. In case of data breach, which could endanger your rights and freedom, and as long as this is not one of the exceptions as these are stated in the GDPR, the Webpage is obliged to inform you with no delay.

Compliance with the law regarding personal data processing as well as you being able to exercise your legal rights are a priority for our company. Therefore, we have the right to ask for further information, necessary to verify your identity before you can exercise your rights.

Therefore, we have the right to ask for further information, necessary to verify your identity before you can exercise your rights. If necessary and taking into account the complexity of your request as well as the number of pending requests, the deadline can be extended for another two months. In any case, the company will be in contact with you the soonest possible, and within a month of your request, to inform you about its progress or the reason for a possible delay.

If your request is proven to be evidently irrelevant or exaggerated, especially due to repetition, our company has the right to demand a fee, taking into account administrative costs in order to provide information or to announce or to execute the required action, or to refrain from dealing with your request.

If you feel that we do not conform to the Private Policy regulations, you have the right to report it to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) at (

  1. Third Party (Hyperlinks)

The use of Hyperlinks by the Webpage enables access to third party websites, with the sole purpose being to enhance the visitor’s browsing experience. It is no indication of accepting or approving of the content of the webpages connecting. Access to any webpage is of your own responsibility and we advise you to read the privacy policy of the webpages you visit.

  1. Social Media

Facebook Page

The company owns an official Facebook page (

You can contact us through our Facebook page for more information about our services by choosing “Send message”

In order to reply to your request we use your Facebook profile name as well as any other information you share publicly through your profile (e.g. email address). Your sending a message in order to contact us, means that you consent to the above data processing. Access and use of the Webpage is subject to Privacy Policy.

If you “Like” our Facebook page, you consent to learning the Clinic’s news and promotional activities through our Facebook page. If you do not wish to receive any such updates you can press “UNLIKE”.

Facebook Inc., 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA and Facebook Ireland Limited, Hanover Reach, 5 -7 Hanover Quay are responsible for the operation of Facebook in the EU. You can find more information about personal data processing by Facebook at:


The company owns an official Instagram account (

You can follow our Instagram account and comment on our posts providing data that can be processed to the platform.

Instagram, which belongs to Facebook Inc., 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA and Facebook Ireland Limited, Hanover Reach, 5 -7 Hanover Quay, has its own cookies policy and private policy which we are not in the position to control or influence.

has its own cookies policy and private policy which we are not in the position to control or influence.

General information on social media

The company takes all technical and organizational measures necessary to protect your personal information during processing on social media, for example we limit the number of people who administer each webpage.

The company is responsible only for the way and means used to process your personal information for the purposes stated (communication, update and promotional activities) and to the degree that your personal data can be controlled. We cannot be held responsible for the way or the means each social media platform uses in order to process your personal data.

In any case we advise you to be extremely careful with the content you send to our social media pages, especially if you include personal information of you own or of a third party, while you should make sure that you contact our official page.

Commenting on social media

We encourage our users to leave comments to our posts or/and social media pages, as part of an open dialogue with respect to different opinions.

We are not obliged to check the content of the comments submitted by the social media users. However, we try to maintain a safe online environment.

For this reason, the administrators of the Webpage have the right to remove any content that violates terms of use, for example inappropriate, explicit, pornographic or threatening content, ads, or any other content that violates intellectual property rights or provides false information regarding the user, or even block the users that submit it.

If you feel that the content uploaded by a user of our social media pages violates or breaks our terms of use in any way, please contact the administrators immediately.

  1. Private Policy Changes and Update

This Private Policy can be amended at any time without prior notification. We will, however, notify you regarding any important changes. You should review our Privacy Policy periodically, though, as by using our services you agree to it.